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Brain Dump

Regarding Carie Harling’s YouTube video “The whys and hows of a Brain Dump

I have something similar especially for my Life Mapping Related things, to-dos and ideas.

Last month, I realized there were more and more things and I started forget what I should do and new ideas kept popping out and I did feel unnecessary panic. So I started to use my ring binder backwards to write down anything LM…

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I like these little bookmarks so much. 💎💛


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"Stop Duplicating Your Schedule" in Life Mapping System

“Stop Duplicating Your Schedule” in Life Mapping System

In this post I would like to share how I avoid “duplicating” when I am using Life Mapping Inserts. I will use LMI version 2 as an example. With LMI v2, you can have your month, week and day all in one glance. (For more information about LMI v2, please check here.) It can be bored and a waste of time if you write everything down in monthly calendar and then write again in weekly calendar and daily…

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